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Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

MBConsulting Associates provides Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) IT compliance services to public and pre-IPO companies in a variety of industries. Our focus is on small to mediums sized companies who need assistance in understanding what SOX 404 regulations mean to them, and how best to streamline the process to meet compliance in the most efficient and effective manner. Core service areas include risk analysis, controls assessment and guidance, process narratives, testing, remediation, and assisting with auditor interaction and audit committee reviews.

  • We have extensive experience in documentation, testing, and remediation for Sarbanes-Oxley IT compliance.
  • With our broad industry experience we can rapidly identify risk and establish scope.
  • Using templates and pre-defined checklists, we can help to efficiently identify and document in-scope processes and key controls, prepare narratives, develop control matrixes, and test plans.
  • We perform management testing, recommend remediation and develop steps for resolving issues.
  • We keep open communication with Finance to ensure IT dependent controls are known and included.
  • We work with the company’s external auditors to help achieve a more streamlined audit experience
  • A value-add service is our ability to identify and recommend opportunities for process improvement within IT and/or the business – saving time or further simplifying the SOX activities.
  • Our experts work with the IT management to identify, improve on and implement controls with as little disruption as is possible to meet accepted levels of compliance. Reporting to Finance, or the audit committee we ensure the independence necessary to satisfy the external auditors' standards.

In addition, for the in-scope processes we can document the policies and procedures, and assist with other aspects of IT Governance.

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