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Theme Park & Entertainment: entertainment venues face unique challenges. Opening Day of a new park, museum, ski area is highly dependent on the infrastructure being ready for visitors. Included in the infrastructure are the systems that will run the business. Without these systems management will be hard pressed to run the venue…. Successfully.

For the entertainment industry, MBConsulting Associates assists clients with selection and implementation of the systems that run the theme park business, including Retail Point-of-Sale, Food Services Point-of-Sale, Admissions Point-of-Sale and the back-end business systems to complete the business cycle, such as the inventory control, time-keeping, accounting and management reporting. In addition we can assist with reviewing/advising on conduit, cabling needs and specialty items such as wireless applications.

MBConsulting Associates have the experience and expertise to help ensure that the technology needed to run the business is:

  • The right technology
  • Supported by the appropriate infrastructure
  • Available at the time needed

In addition we ensure that:

  • The POS and systems vendors meet project deadlines
  • The client's team members are properly trained
  • The systems produce useful and timely reports
  • Handholding is available in the critical first few days

MBConsulting Associates has no affiliation to hardware or software vendors and any advice is objective and based solely on the needs of the operation.


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